Voyage San Antonio introduces Yoram Gal in an interview featuring his background, artwork, travels, and exhibitions around the world. Check out the full story “Meet Yoram Gal” and here is a brief excerpt of the article that published in May 2022.

Since 2002, I am exhibiting and selling my paintings in the US with success. My studio in Old Jaffa, Israel, a beautiful artists’ quarter near Tel Aviv, opened to the public as a gallery in 2015 and since then, my paintings shipped to 42 countries.

I just turned 70 but I feel and behave like 17.

There were years in the beginning, in my 20’s and 30’s, where I turned down offers to act leading roles in theater plays and movies, and to produce my first play, just to keep my integrity, write my own plays, do everything “MY WAY”. The establishment offered me great things, but I knew that these paths would corrupt me. I fought against the natural craving for quick success, money, fame – which might have lead me to become a sell-out, in other words, lose my integrity.

I retained my aspiration to change the world and it is now as fierce as it was 50 years ago. I believe truth always prevails in the final outcome. I believe in the future of mankind.


What sets me apart from others is that I do true to life portraits, but also crazy fairytale scenes in almost cartoon-like fun and childish naivety. But also “serious” landscapes, dramatic moments, expressionist, exploding pieces, and abstract ones too. I pay zero attention to the rules, although I excelled in the academia studies – exploring the theories of aesthetics and know all of them from Aristotle in Ancient Greece to the 20th century modern isms of all kinds.

My writing, my acting, and my painting come from within. It is visceral. And it is me. Like a fingerprint, it is unlike anyone else’s.

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