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A Regal Character, canvas, 40×28, June 21

This human beast, to me, holds the secret of the human-beast combo.

Happy New Year, canvas, 40″x28″, May 21

I love to paint an abstract which is actually a realistic depiction of an actual scene, transmuting itself into an almost pure abstract.

65 1/2 in China, canvas, 40×28, May 21

Caught unawares on a street bench in the galleries quarter of Beijin, a young Chinese photographer took some shots of me and emailed them after we spoke.

Mazal Kashat East, canvas, 40×28, May 21

A few steps from my studio gate. Have walked up and down these steps thousands of times. 43 years.

Spring Outburst, CA, canvas, 40×28, May 21

What a beautiful fabric designer is Nature. Never ceases to amaze me and I stare and stare at it. Gourmet blanket over the winter hills of California warming up to the spring sun.

Fowl Play, canvas, 28×40, April 21

The mating season of the Purple Swamp-hen begins with the male tapping on her shoulder saying: "Ahem, ahem... dinner? Drinks?... fowl play...?"

Jaffa Port, 32×48, 2011-2021

10 years later I had to give it an extra crunch. Now it's ready to find a loving home.

Self in Rosh Pina studio, canvas, 28×40, 2019-2021

Revisited 20 months later. Strengthened some of colors, shadows, intensities.

Seattle, canvas, 28×40, 2020-2021

Sometimes a painting suddenly seems "too green", too overdone, too underdone, too much in need of touch ups which you didn't see when you thought it was finished. So you go back and do what you now see clearly needed to be done.

Proud feathers, canvas, 20×28, April 21

Cocky cock showing off in Comedia del Arte style feathered costume. Or is this a real bird?

Jester, canvas, 20×28, April 21

A flock of happy, colorful, light hearted birds started buoying up from somewhere, so I keep painting their portraits. This one was 420 years ago a jester in one of Shakespeare's plays.

Very good morning, canvas, 24×32, April 21

This rooster appeared from nowhere, and refuses to go anywhere, so I painted him again.

Jaffa Port, canvas, 11″x14″, April 21

For 43 years I have been walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, eating by the water at the Old Man and The Sea restaurant, and painting the port below my house and studio. Can't live without it.

Self in Jaffa Studio, canvas, 28×40, Jan 19-21

At least twice or thrice a year I paint a self portrait.
Thankfully, I don’t get to keep them. Dozens are hanging on walls from China to Vancouver. My next door neighbor bought one too.
This one, painted in January 2019, from a selfie photo in my Old jaffa studio, will be with me at the Woodlands. You can see behind me on the wall of the studio-gallery a small painting of “The Dove”...

Seattle III, triptych, 48×24+60+24, March 21

This is the first triptych I painted, ever. I didn’t want it to be as if a continuous painting was cut into three, rather I imagined a sandwich, in which the thick middle part is full of juicy everything, and the sides are the adorning slices of buttered-toasted bread, complementing it, framing it from sides, allowing the big middle piece to attract the attention and be the central anchor. It is based on a photo I took of a public garden in Seattle, WA in August 2009. Right by the Space Needle lies a small, beautiful little garden, the beauty of which surpasses all other gardens I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Japan, canvas, 18×36, Feb 21

The reds, yellows verging on golds, next to blacks and whites, plus the magic of the Japanese gardens say to me: You have to paint us. So I do.

Old Jaffa, canvas, 40×28, 2007-2021

My home town since 1978 is a fairytale-like, artist colony. I love it dearly. I love painting it freely, as a fairytale. This painting was first laid out in 2007. I finished it, finally, in February 2021. The port mingles with the steps leading to St. Peter's Cathedral, and some windows. doorways and cobblestones are the soul of this tiny gem on the hill, overlooking Tel Aviv.

Birds, canvas, 40×30, Feb 21

I started with a mixture of about 10 different reds and crimsons mixed into one and painted the canvas in that weird new red. Then improvised, let the brushes go by themselves. Beaks evolved. Then eyes, Then feathers, I was happy to discover a flocking of birds huddled and intermingled. When a piece floats from the subconscious, it feels like heaven.

Tree of Happiness, canvas, 60×48, Feb 21

Mythological trees are a central part of many cultures. This Tree of Happiness is the first of a few Trees I felt could be a modern mythology of our new, far less ominous, less violent, less scary world. I painted a painting which will make me smile and be happy myself.

Tel Aviv Sunrise, canvas, 44×62, June 2020

St. Peter's Cathedral on top of the hill which is the tiny town of Old Jaffa, overlooks Tel Aviv. I've been living and working there since 1978. Old Jaffa is an artist colony of 50 families and 150 businesses - galleries, shops, cafe's, restaurants. I love Old Jaffa. I usually rise before sunrise and experience the gradual revelation of the port, the city of Tel Aviv, and the lanes of Old jaffa.

Yes! Yes! Yes!, 22×30, 2018

This painting based on a photo I found on the internet. Such mirth and love caught me by the throat and I had to do a painting based on it. The enigmatic whisper between them never ceases to captivate me.

The Dance of Wisdom, canvas, 64×42, June 19

The Bible quotes God saying: Do not eat the Apple, but Adam and Eve ate, and so did many geniuses, who are dancing with God (the Lion), Adam, Eve, and the Serpent around the Tree of Knowledge (wisdom), as the animals, who did not eat apples look on with envy.

Jerusalem Night, canvas, 64,42, Jan 20

I was born in Jerusalem, soI take liberties painting it. The city has bittersweet memories for me. My childhood there was formative, a mixed bag of traumas and loves. The aerial view of Jerusalem's East side, with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, The Church of the Redeemer and the Dome of the Rock... and many more, gives me freedom to go wild.

Crazy Yoram and The Secret of America, canvas, 32×44, 2019

In 2007 through 2009 I wrote the illustrated novel : The Secret of America (on Amazon), and this was the cover painting. I revisited the painting in 2019 and finalized it. My son and the Statue kiss the Crazy Yoram 😂