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Jerusalem Forest, canvas, 30×40, May 22

w We used to picnic there. My sister came with her sons from Jerusalem. We came from Jaffa. It's called the Canada Forest.

the Dance of The jews I, canvas, 48×48, May 22

The first of a series called "THE DANCES OF THE JEWS" Replies to Antisemites.  

Tree of Festivities, canvas, 48″x36″, March 22

The forest of optimism, joy of life, happiness, love, longevity, life... just got a new tree...

Jerusalem of Gold, canvas, 60×48, 2019-2022

Sometimes the process seems endless... layers and layers, and layers and layers over 3 years, almost...till finally it clicks.

Hanging Tree, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

One of the attractions of Old Jaffa is this sculpture. A real orange tree grows in a huge concrete seed like heart, suspended by steel wires from buildings. Down that lane, Mazal Arieh 9 is my house.

My house, canvas, 28×40, Dec 21

My house celebrates 25 years old. But that's since its renovation. The original arched building is estimated at 250 years old. I love it so much.

Looking looking for truth, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

In this new age of deceit, lies, disinformation........

The World Off My Shoulders, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

Sequel to the "World on My Shoulders" painted in Covid days 2020.

Jaffa Promenade, canvas, 40×28, 2017-2021

Again, it took 4 years and several "so called finished drafts" till it is final!

Until the moon falls, canvas, 40×40, Nov 21

Cover for Nimrod's first single record.

Tree of my Paintings, canvas, 60×48, August 21

24 of my paintings managed to get into the 5'x 4' canvas. One day I'll paint a Tree of my Paintings on a 30'x24' canvas and get 500-700 of my paintings in.

Times Square NY, canvas, 48×60, August 21

Inspired by a photo I took 19 years ago.

Mazal Kashat East, canvas, 40×28, May 21

A few steps from my studio gate. Have walked up and down these steps thousands of times. 43 years.

Jaffa Port, 32×48, 2011-2021

10 years later I had to give it an extra crunch. Now it's ready to find a loving home.

Crazy Yoram and The Secret of America, canvas, 32×44, 2019

In 2007 through 2009 I wrote the illustrated novel : The Secret of America (on Amazon), and this was the cover painting. I revisited the painting in 2019 and finalized it. My son and the Statue kiss the Crazy Yoram ?