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I see the world is off my shoulders, at last !, canvas, 30″x40″ January 22

I had to make sure. I observed myself, and the final verdict is : Yes! It is off my shoulders! So I painted this 2nd version. In other words: I nailed it.

Venetian Bay, Naples, FL, canvas, 32×55″, 2021

View from the 11th floor of my collectors' condo.

The Dance of Wisdom, canvas, 72″x48″, Jan 22

Some of my favorite people who ate the apple and moved the world forward.

Jerusalem of Gold, canvas, 60×48, 2019-2022

Sometimes the process seems endless... layers and layers, and layers and layers over 3 years, almost...till finally it clicks.

Hanging Tree, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

One of the attractions of Old Jaffa is this sculpture. A real orange tree grows in a huge concrete seed like heart, suspended by steel wires from buildings. Down that lane, Mazal Arieh 9 is my house.

My house, canvas, 28×40, Dec 21

My house celebrates 25 years old. But that's since its renovation. The original arched building is estimated at 250 years old. I love it so much.

Looking looking for truth, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

In this new age of deceit, lies, disinformation........

The World Off My Shoulders, canvas, 40×28, Dec 21

Sequel to the "World on My Shoulders" painted in Covid days 2020.

Jaffa Promenade, canvas, 40×28, 2017-2021

Again, it took 4 years and several "so called finished drafts" till it is final!

Until the moon falls, canvas, 40×40, Nov 21

Cover for Nimrod's first single record.

Tree of my Paintings, canvas, 60×48, August 21

24 of my paintings managed to get into the 5'x 4' canvas. One day I'll paint a Tree of my Paintings on a 30'x24' canvas and get 500-700 of my paintings in.

Times Square NY, canvas, 48×60, August 21

Inspired by a photo I took 19 years ago.

Mazal Kashat East, canvas, 40×28, May 21

A few steps from my studio gate. Have walked up and down these steps thousands of times. 43 years.

Jaffa Port, 32×48, 2011-2021

10 years later I had to give it an extra crunch. Now it's ready to find a loving home.

Crazy Yoram and The Secret of America, canvas, 32×44, 2019

In 2007 through 2009 I wrote the illustrated novel : The Secret of America (on Amazon), and this was the cover painting. I revisited the painting in 2019 and finalized it. My son and the Statue kiss the Crazy Yoram 😂