2022 was my 20th year of doing art shows in America. It was by far the most successful year in terms of acquiring new collectors. Some huge new collectors, and some smaller ones. And some became real friends, which is exhilarating. I had to turn down or cancel quite a few shows, just to keep painting new pieces. I worked harder than ever before, without a day to breathe until October 18th. There were 7 weeks in the fall, when every weekend I had a show, and in between them, had 2-3 days to paint in a hotel. On the road like that, it tried my stamina to the limits. If I didn’t jog regularly, and eat raw garlic daily, my immune system would have caved in. 

The advertising on social media which matured into an effective tool, enhancing sales, enhancing presence, acquiring hundreds and thousands of new followers, proved to be a real asset. I thank Cece Liekar The League Lady for that. My studio too, flourished after the 2 years of Covid. Tzlila Hurvitz my studio manager brought it up a few notches. People from the world over returned a second time, a third time, and brought with them family members, friends, colleagues from work. Paintings were flying again.

I also learned a big lesson about outdoor shows: From the end of April until September, America, all over, except for high up in the mountains, is a burning furnace. Global warming’s not only true, but it is alarmingly accelerating. All five shows in May-June were almost unbearably hot. In Texas, Memphis, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Reston VA the heat index was touching on, or passing 100 degrees. No people who seek to buy high end original art came out. I deleted all the May-June shows from my application list, except the beginning of May. July August will only be in the Rockies. And yes, Florida in winter is mild and beautiful (usually).

I’m afraid that the trend of unbearable heat May- August which I and Christine felt, will soon push shows to reschedule their dates. People need a cool head in 72 degrees and no 30 mph winds (Oklahoma) in order to fall in love with a painting or a sculpture, and buy it. So, for now, I must sorrowfully tell you that I will not be coming back to the places I mentioned above. And, I am cutting down overall, concentrating on the “best shows in the best locations at the best times of the year” formula.

Although I talked here mostly about the “business” of doing shows, of course the making of new, better art is the top goal. And the most invigorating, exciting, juicy fun of it all. Many new collectors influenced and inspired me to paint fresh new things in fresh new ways. The joy of evolving and finding new “styles” is the engine which rolls my whole being forward. The constant urge to invent new angles on life, on faces, on landscapes, to avoid repetition and boredom is keeping me sharp and light footed. Below are some examples of new 2022 works. I thank you, my loyal followers, buyers, collectors, colleagues, friends, for supporting my journey, my art, me.

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