Trees are a powerful attraction to most people. Different cultures, religions, nations, ages, and people of diverse tastes in art I find are pulled in to paintings of trees. All kinds of trees. My own intense love for trees grew gradually in the last years.

I painted The Dance of Wisdom in several versions, where humanity’s top geniuses in all fields celebrate around THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE / WISDOM,  their inventions, their wise contributions to civilization. And I painted the TREE OF LOVE, TREE OF HAPPINESS, TREE OF LONGEVITY, of OPTIMISM, TREE OF LIFE, the Dance of Women around THE TREE OF JUSTICE, and more. 

God sleeping on the Tree of Life as Sapiens conquer Earth, canvas, 40”x28”, Dec 22 by Yoram Gal

Suddenly, after having read into the most breathtaking, astounding book SAPIENS, by Yuval Noah Harari, which I have been doing with huge joy aloud, together with my girlfriend, I had to paint THE REAL LIFE UNDER THE TREE OF LIFE. I.E. it’s not all joy and roses on planet Earth. While God, whoever that is, is carelessly asleep, oblivious to human suffering or human achievements, lays snoring on the Tree of Life, real life happens below him: Sapiens are conquering Earth and destroying it. They are taking pleasure in living, killing, procreating, eating, taming animals. A mix of cruelty, pain, graceful wisdom, laughter, joy, and more. Life, is all taking place and no “God” seems to notice let alone care. 

I suddenly had to paint this scene. My tiny input for Planet Earth which really really is in huge danger now.  I feel that this theme will now recur.  “God’s sleeping as we destroy Earth is disturbing. Young people urgently join the war to save the Planet. I suddenly feel I must add my tiniest contribution.