IMAGES is the name of an art show, 46 years old, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I exhibited there in 2022 for the first time. Why first time, if I’ve been on the art show circuit for 19 years? Because never before did they invite me. Why? Is my work not good enough? I read reports about some really crappy art and craft and even buy sell being shown there.

Well, the Covid revolutionized the art shows. The older artists faded out in big numbers. In this show IMAGES, as in many others, these older artists got used to being grandfathered year after year, even to the same spot, year after year. When many of them left the circuit, open spots appeared. Suddenly, I found myself invited to great shows which always in the past sent me a rejection or a waitlist note.

IMAGES, which is a good show, wonderfully orchestrated and flowing with local community love for art and artists, suddenly brought a whole new bunch of us in. And I felt a mutual joy. They were happy to see new things and new artists. We were happy to show and sell in a new town.

“New Smyrna Beach turned out to be a great surprise. People of all strata of life were there. From low to high income. United by their true love for art. There was something warm and a real enthusiasm for art. A deep respect for art and artists all around.”

Yoram Gal
Yoram Gal Painting “Flexibility” sold at IMAGES A Festival of the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The weekend was freezing. We had to wear two to three layers, but the sun came out, and the people came out in big numbers. What a joy it was for me, after doing about 550 shows in 19 years, to discover a new town, a really juicy show, and new art collectors. And there was one exceptional perk; a week before the show the director wrote an email saying they had a few rooms to rent out at the Art Center. I signed up, and got a beautiful, ascetic room at the Art Center lodgings, for $61 per night including tax. It was just in time to cancel my expensive hotel which was $184 a night including tax.

This town loves artists and art. Thank you New Smyrna Beach.

46th Annual IMAGES A Festival of the Arts VIDEO.